jimmy eat world

Reintroduce Yourself To #NSSN's Jimmy Eat World

Still here, and still kicking ass.

December 5, 2019

Yes, every band at this year's Not So Silent Night are incredible.  This lineup is second to none.  But if I'm being honest, I'm most excited about the "old school" band of the night, Jimmy Eat World. 

We've actually both been around a while...

Great guys, always amazing live.  

And did you know...Jim used to study classical and jazz?  He told Guitar World, "I kinda quit all that and started playing rock when the band picked up. I was kinda bummed about it too, because it was just starting to make sense [laughs]. Things like scales and substitutions, knowing what options you could throw in over a Gmaj7. It was all just clicking for me and then I was suddenly sleeping on floors and playing punk-rock."

If you're a guitar guy, and you're into what he plays and likes and shit, I'd click on that Guitar World link.

See you tonight!

Don't forget, use the hashtag, #NSSN for all of your photos and vids!