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'Pee on me' Trump Statuettes Are a Thing Now. Thanks, Brooklyn


October 11, 2018

So "pee on me" Trump statuettes are a thing now. Thanks, Brooklyn. Or, more specifically a guy named Phil Gable. He runs a brand content studio called Porcupine Armadillo, and he was annoyed that dogs keep peeing in his flower bed. Or something. He owns a dog and knows that dogs need positive places to pee, so that, combined with his distaste for our President, led him to the pee on Trump idea.

Phil says, "I find it cathartic anytime I can express disdain through comedy, especially if it’s related to politics. And this case, it's both funny and useful, which makes me happy. I know this isn’t a grand gesture of protest. He’s not going to hear about dogs peeing on a tiny statue of him and just say “That’s it. Now, I’m stepping down.”

No, but he might tweet about it, and that can't be bad for business, now can it?

I also have a feeling that there might be some hipster pee on those statues, too.