Parents Take Over Teen Daughters Socials As Punishment

They embarrassed her for two solid weeks.

November 20, 2019

This is glorious, man.  Genius.  And a little cruel.

Some Texas parents have gone viral for punishing their daughter in a most unusal way.  They took away her phone, and took complete control of her social media.  The girl, who's also blown up online...albeit now how she would have liked...snuck some boys into a slumber party, and her parents were not pleased.

They offered her an ultimatum.  They said, "you can either go a month without a phone, or two weeks without a phone, but we have complete control of your social media,” says 43-year-old mom Tawnya Ford.

She made the wrong choice.

Since the takeover began on November 11, 43-year-old dad Larry Sumpter has lip-synced to Maddie and Tae's "Girl in a Country Song" while sporting a crop top and Daisy Dukes. He also Instagrammed a close-up selfie of his face with the caption, "Felt cute. Might delete later." 




HERE'S her....or his....Facebook page to see more of this beautiful train wreck.