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Office Fans Will Love Sweet Wedding Re-Creation With Cast

Jim made the magic happen.

May 12, 2020

Dunno if you've watched SGN, or Some Good News on YouTube yet.  John Krasinski hosts the show from his home, and it's all about finding the good news in the world.  From the SGN "logo" designed by his daughters, it's simple, yet well done.

Episode 7 of @somegoodnews is here and well... we ‘Love’ it!! #SGNlove #SGNwedding Link to full episode in bio!!

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There's tons of charm in those bare bones, and John is a great host.  I'm betting someone will give him a show after this, he's that good.  

Anyway, during a segment on weddings, John played a clip of a man proposing to his girlfriend in a gas station/convienence store parking lot, much the way Jim proposed to Pam.  Jim brought them on the show to talk, and surprise them with a wedding-on-the-spot, complete with their parents, and some of John's closest friends.

Cue, the Office wedding. (Skip to 7:17 if it starts you at the beginning.  Or watch the whole thing for a few smiles.)