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Netflix Addict? Here's What You'll Look Like In 20 Years

Picture Jabba the Hut if he let himself go.

June 11, 2020

The picture on the top of this story is what you'll look like if you're LUCKY.  

Since we've all been on lockdown, and science has already figured out how to cure everything, they thought they'd tackle Netflix.  Or, more specifically, what Netflix addicts will look like in twenty years.

They give you....

netflix guy

They call him Eric. 

Eric has pasty skin and bald patches due to a lack of sunlight, but the artificial light from his screen has also prematurely aged him.  Check out those under eye bags.


He's obese, his posture is terrible, and his stench will knock you on your ass.

Oh, they did it for women, too.  Her name is Hannah, and you can see her and some other pics HERE.

Gross, but remember, it ain't cool to body shame.  The lockdown did a number on a lot of us.

We can't all be as motivated as this guy...