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'Naked Crisco Twister' Was a Thing That PROBABLY Involved Billy Corgan, DEFINITELY Involved Nirvana

October 3, 2018

"Man, sure I am glad there wasn't any cameras around when I was doing stupid stuff in the '90s!" We've all heard people say that. Maybe that people is you.

I think Billy Corgan was kinda counting on that, too, but when you do things for MTV, there are usually cameras. He was asked if if he remembered playing 'Naked Crisco Twister' with the guys in Nirvana, and he said, "No. That wasn't us, TBH." After someone said, "uhhh....there's video," he said, "Again, that's not us."

First of all, why on earth would you agree to that in the first place? Second of all....well, there is no second of all, but I saved you the Google search so you can have a look right now.

Keep in mind, you're about to see a damn near naked Krist Novoselic.

Oh, and Kurt Cobain pulling down his tiny underpants to smear Crisco on his buttcheeks.

Let the games begin.