Yes. That on-the-shoulders thing.

August 6, 2019

My #1 made the list, but a little further down.  Unwanted, undesirable, inexcusable nudity.  Please put some frickin' clothes on.  Don't need to see anything dangling, hanging, or drooping, thanks.

Four Loko surveyed festival fans and this is what they found regarding concert etiquette.

Here's the Top 14 . . .

1.  Peeing outside Porta-Potties.

2.  Holding up signs.

3.  Smelly bodies.

4.  Moshing / Crowd Surfing.

5.  Sneaking in or sharing bracelets.

6.  Taking video during a set.

7.  Pushing to the front during a set.

8.  People on drugs.

9.  Hooking up / PDA.

10.  Showing a lot of skin.

11.  Cultural appropriation.

12.  Funny T-shirts / Costumes.

13.  Talking during a set.

14.  Singing along loudly.

See you at Sea.Hear.Now in September, where we won't do any of those things!