Macy's To Shoot Off Fireworks For A Week With No Warning

Are they gonna pay for our pet sedatives?

June 24, 2020

Not to sound like a geezer who yells at the grass, but how does this sound like a good idea to anyone?

DeBlasio likes it.

Ahhhhh.  Ok.  Makes sense now.

It's gonna be a week of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks shows across each of the five boroughs starting June 29. “In reimagining this year’s show, the idea of bringing elements to many parts of our hometown resonated with our team and partners in the City of New York,” Susan Tercero, executive producer of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show, said.

I mean, it does sould cool and all, but the timing sucks, no?  Everyone is already on edge with the random fireworks at all hours of the night.

There will be five minutes of explosions, with no warning, each night leading up to July 4’s televised grand finale, which will feature the “best of” the previous five nights. 

Just here for the article's comments?  Well, they think it's pretty stupid, with one of them saying: 

"Well this is the stupidest idea you could have come up with Macy’s. You know thousands of New Yorkers suffer PTSD, and leave on the 4th of July because of the damage fireworks can do to their mental state. So yeah... let’s do un-announced explosions to them throughout an entire week. How fucking heartless and ignorant to you have to be to come up with this and then approve it?"


Got a dog? 

Might wanna roll up the carpets.