Conductor saves a pup on the tracks.

October 22, 2018

If you take an NJT train on a daily basis, you know that you might be in for a bit of a hellish ride.   Arrive at 6:10?  Yeah, we'll see.  You don't even have to ride the train to know what a s---show it can be, just watch the news.  It seems NJT has a permanent place in it.  And through our cloud of anger, it's easy to forget that the conductors on the train are people, too. They wanna get where they're going just as bad as we do, and those delays?  Usually never their fault.

Except this time it was.  

Over the weekend, conductor Howard Kempton (who I recognize from the picture and has always been super nice to me) stopped the train to save a dog that he saw wandering the tracks.  Even made a leash out of his own tie.  Delayed the train.  Made everybody late. I guarantee there were people on that train bitchin' up a storm.  Honestly, I probably would have been one of them if I didn't know what Howard had done, as I'm sure most people didn't.  But then you find out..."oh, he saved a doggie?  Awww."  

Well now I feel stupid.

I think that happens a lot...people jumping to conclusions without having all of the information.  Actually, you know what?  No.  I'm not gonna ruin a nice story with a "life lesson."

We'll learn from memes like normal people.