Knicks Fan Sells Fandom For $3,450, What Can I Get For My Mets Fandom?

August 29, 2018

Need to make a quick buck? Sell yourself! This New York Knicks fan was so disgruntled, he put his fandom up on eBay last week. We all laughed....he probably thought it was a goof, too. Until...

Somebody BOUGHT it. For $3,450! Whaaat? Yeah...he said he thought it would make "good content for his YouTube channel." Uh, I think he's wrong about that.

There are a few conditions for the former Knicks fan, though. He's gotta root for the Lakers this year, attend two games, (home and away) and bet $500 that the Lakers will surpass their over/under win total. Uh, ok. Root for Lebron? Show me the money!

How much you think we could get for our Mets fandom?