Leon Neal / Staff

Is Tinder Blocking Support For Black Lives Matter?

Some users say yes.

June 10, 2020

"Is Tinder swiping left on civil rights?"

(That's the Post's line. I couldn't think of anything better.)

But yeah...that's how it looks to some users, who say their accounts were suspended after asking others to support various Black Lives Matter causes.

One Tweeted:

And another:

Were they banned for asking for donations?  For "soliciting?"  Tinder didn't say.  Many Tinder users complained they received the boot for simply aligning their dating bio with BLM. 

For their part, the dating app did say they would reinstate the suspended accounts, and stop blocking users for raising funds for Black Lives Matter — although, again, they never disclosed why they had banned them in the first place.

I find this whole thing disgusting and fascinating at the same time.

Disgusting, because (possible) racism, fascinating, because I thought people only used Tinder when they were drunk.

Just me?