Human Skull Shaped Asteroid To Whizz Past Earth This Halloween

October 2, 2018

Now that it's October, we can finally start talking about Halloween stuff without getting the side-eye from your easily annoyed friends. 

"It's only SEPTEMBER! Let me breathe!"

Shut it, Debbie Downer.

This is actually pretty spooky for real. An asteroid that resembles a human skull will be whizzing past earth just after the 31st.  And you know what they call it?  A dead comet!  That's because it's lost most of it's ice and gasses, but how perfect is that?

I suppose you're wondering if it's at all dangerous.  Not really.  Even though it's about 2,200 feet in diameter, it will safely pass us by at 105 times the average lunar distance, which, as everyone knows, is very, very far.

Happy Halloween.