toilet paper

H.S. Kids Put Time To Good Use, Build Record T.P. Pyramid

Which they later used on Mrs. Hanratty's house.

January 7, 2020

Beats doing common core math.

A high school robotics team in Michigan recently stacked TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND rolls of toilet paper into a pyramid to set a new worlds record for wasting valuable time. 

They stacked that s*** to a height of 16 feet, 3-5/8 inches, which bested the previous record by over two feet, and now they're selling all of it to raise money for the robotics team's activities fund.  

"Wanna buy some TP?"

"How much?"

"Twenty bucks a roll."

"What??  You're insane."

"But it broke a record, though."

Good cause, I suppose, but you know what really annoys me?  I didn't see ONE roll of toilet paper during my entire time in high school. 

Good thing I lived close.