Haunted Elsa Doll Terrorizes Family

They threw it away, and it kept reappearing.

January 16, 2020

All dolls creep me out.  My dad had a ventriliquist doll that sat on the top shelf of the closet, just waiting to kill me.  He wouldn't get rid of it, though, even though he knew it gave me night terrors. 

Good fathering, right there.

The owners of this Elsa doll TRIED to let it go (sorry), but it KEPT....COMING....BACK. (video)

Houston girl got the doll Christmas of '13, and for two years, everything was fine.  You push the button on her chest, and she'd say "Frozen" stuff in English.  Then one day, for no reason, it started speaking in Spanish.

It worked for six years, and they never changed the batteries.

It would randomly start to speak, even when it was turned off.

They threw it away twice, and both times it found it's way back.


First time, they just tossed it in the trash, and they found it inside a bench in the living room a few weeks later.  Second time, they were like "fuck this," so they wrapped it tightly in a garbage bag, threw it into another garbage bag, buried it with other garbage, and tossed it.  They SAW the garbage truck pick it up.  They went away for a few weeks, forgot about it, and came home to this.



They finally sent it to a friend a thousand miles away, and that's where she is now, but....