Guy Leaving NYC Wants To Sell You His Life Here For $11,000

It's actually quite the bargain.

February 25, 2020

Moving into NYC is a GIANT pain in the ass.  We all know this.  It's not only expensive, but it's especially nerve wracking if you're moving in from some other state, where you don't know anyone or anything....it can be scary.  

But....it doesn't have to be!

BuyMyLife.co is the website a 56 year-old guy who's moving to Australia created to make it easier on you.  Simply buy the life he's spent three decades curating, for the bargain basement price of $11,000!  

His name is David Art Wales (fan-cee) and says the money will get you, "... a set of tools that will give you a 30-year head start on becoming a New Yorker, as well as the right forevermore to say you bought a life! By "New Yorker" I mean a self-made person, which you can be anywhere: You're driven, you have chutzpah, and you've a better chance than the average Joe of building the life you want. I'm offering every scrap of knowledge and savvy I gained over three decades in NYC: lessons learned the hard way, strategies for self-management, ways of coping and achieving goals. For 12 months you can email me questions whenever you like and I’ll respond within 24 hours."  

Granted, the rent is $4,000 a month, but the guy's got like $20,000 worth of stuff, plus you get to have his friends, his gym membership, and the IBS he got from the Indian place downstairs.

He's not taking that with him.

CLICK HERE FOR THE WEBSITE with all the pics and details!