Guy Helps Man Find Lost 20 Grand, Gets Rewarded In Slurpees

That ain't right.

April 30, 2020

It's the got kids...struggling to make ends meet.  Any amount of money would really help you out.  But what about convienece store junk food?  Will that help?

Meet James Stratford.  He owns My 5 Mobile Detailing in Florida.  Guy named Russell Mir, who owns a bunch of gas stations and convenience stores in the area, dropped off his car one day to get detailed.  “He asked me to clean the truck, so before he got to the truck I said, 'Hey, whatever you want, you take with you. Whatever is in here, goes in the trash. He said, 'OK, no problem,'”

Sometimes Russell transports trash bags full of cash to the bank in his car.

Sounds legit.

Well, he realized after dropping it off that he left $20,000 in trash bags under the passenger seat. Despite the fact that his business was struggling mightily during the coronavirus pandemic, My 5 owner James Stratford helped Mir find the cash in a dumpster and nearby trash can.

James said, “In the coronavirus, when ain't nobody working, you know what that $20,000 could have did for me and my family?"  

We get it.  And so does Mr. Mir.  Sort of.  He "rewarded" Stratford and his family with one year of free soda, Slurpees or whatever they want at his gas stations.  

Wow.  You know how many Slurpees you have to drink to get $20,000 worth?

Me either.

But James doesn't regret it.  At all. “You gotta plant the seeds how you want it to grow. All my life I’ve been in the streets, in and out of prison, so I’m tired of that,” said Stratford. “The new me says be honest and give it back, and that’s what I did.”