Here's a Hack To See How Everyone Is Dressing For Halloween

There's gonna be plenty of It's and Jokers.

October 15, 2019

Sucks when you show up to a Halloween party and other people are dressed the same way you are.  Happened to me the year I went as the grim reaper.  That one's probably on me, though, because... really?  

How creative.

Google has a function now to help you out. FrightGeist uses stats from around the country to figure out the most searched for costumes by city.  It's a cool, super "early internet" looking site, and right now in NYC, it looks like most people are planning to be Bob Gray. You know him better as 'It'.

The rest of the top five are: Witch, Spider-Man, Dinosaur, and Descendants.

Dinosaur? Really? Was there a Jurassic Park out this year? Somehow I missed the dinosaur buzz, I guess.