In my world that would be a no. A big, long, no.

February 4, 2019

A sex toy for Valentine's first thought upon seeing this story was, "GTFO!  No way.  There would be much yellling."  I mean, it's not something that I've ever even discussed with anyone I've dated.  I'm probably a prude...well, yeah, I am...but we never talked about that stuff in my house growing up, and it still seems too naughty to talk about.  

It's time I start getting with the program though, because  a new Valentine's Day survey conducted by adult novelty manufacturer CalExotics reveals that 88 percent of people would be open (they said open) to receiving a sex toy as a gift from a romantic partner.  EIGHTY-EIGHT percent!  

Some stats:

When asked how they would feel if gifted a sex toy for Valentine's Day, 24% said "thrilled," 42% said "intrigued," 22% said "indifferent," and only 12% said "worried/upset."

The 30-44 age group was significantly more likely (43%) to have given a sex toy to a partner than the 18-29 age group (24%).

Those currently single were more likely to have given a sex toy as a gift.

Only looking at those in a relationship, men and women were evenly split on whether they have given a sex toy as a gift.

Men are more likely to feel "intrigued" about receiving a sex toy from a partner.

Yeeeeah.  So there ya go.  I'm done talking about this.

Happy Valentine's Day.