Definitely one of NYC's best parties.

October 31, 2018

Good I seriously doing another post about Halloween?  Yeah...sorry.  But this is the LAST ONE!  (Christmas posts start tomorrow.)

Thing is, the Village Halloween Parade is so friggin' awesome every year, I wanted you to know all the details about it.  Gonna be warm, too, so if you've never been, there's no better time to pop the cherry than this year. 

Cliff notes version: It runs up 6th Avenue, starting at Spring Street, and ending at 16th Street.  Starts at 7, usually ends around 10:30.  (That's when the PARADE ends, not the partying!) Anyone can march, but you gotta be wearing a costume to be one of the 50,000. 

NO DRINKING!  They're actually pretty strict about this, so if you just gotta drink, this might help

Lastly, if you're just into watching the show go by, I'd camp out at the beginning, Spring to W Houston Streets, or at the end,  14th Street to 16th Street.

So don't worry about work tomorrow, and go get nuts.