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Foo Fighters Perform Pop Up Show In Los Angeles As the Holy S***s

August 27, 2018

Oh, just another weekend spent by Foo Fighters doing Foo Fighter-y things. They played a parking lot in L.A. Of course it was a surprise, as fans thought they were going to see Taylor Hawkins' cover band Chevy Metal, along with a hot new band called the Holy S***s.  Except there (disappointingly) is no such band. 

The Holy S***s were the Foos, and I'm sure that's what the crowd yelled when they saw them.

They dusted off some rarities, nine of them, but finished off the day with "Everlong."

Check it out below!

Foo Fighters @ Hollywood Palladium Parking Lot 8/26/18
Set List

1. “White Limo”
2. “Wattershed”
3. “Congregation”
4. “Gimme Stitches”
5. “Weenie Beenie”
6. “Low”
7. “Hey, Johnny Park!”
8. “Alone + Easy Target”
9. “New Way Home”
10. “Everlong”

(h/t UCR).