Flowers Die. Get Them This Breadstick Bouquet Instead

These ain't just any breadsticks.

February 4, 2020

Before we get to the breadstick bouquet, OpenTable says you best make your Valentine's Day dinner reservations TODAY.  I provided the link for your convienence.  

So yeah, breadstick bouquet.  Sounds lame, but these ain't just any breadsticks.  They're Olive Garden breadsticks.  People don't annoyingly talk about them constantly for no reason.

"Oh, I'd never eat at Olive Garden, but their breadsticks are AMAZING."

I've said that.

Anyway, here's the deal.  "Olive Garden is fully prepared to help you score a date or better show your affection for the love in your life this Valentine's Day by offering up bouquets of casual Italian chain's signature, limitless breadsticks. The Olive Garden bouquet is available at the chain's locations nationwide starting February 13 and is included with Olive Garden's Valentine's Day ToGo Dinner for Two. In addition to the neatly arranged breadsticks, the dinner for two includes the following:

Soup or salad

Five cheese marinara or Alfredo dipping sauces

Shareable Five Cheese Ziti al Forno or Chicken Alfredo

Shareable Black Tie Mousse Cake or Tiramisu

All that for only $34.99?  Not too shabby.  Of course, I wouldn't go to an OG in the city.  That seems embarrassing.  Going to an OG in the 'burbs feels like a totally different story, though.

Swipe to see what breadstick dreams are made of. --☁️--

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