'FitCar PPV' Lets You Pedal Your Car Like 'The Flintstones' -- Kind of Like a Bike

September 28, 2018

So, the Flintstones car that you drive with your feet is a thing now.


You don't stop the car with your feet, as I'm guessing that wouldn't work. But to get anywhere, you gotta pedal.

Like a bike.

A guy named Nasser Al Shawaf designed the FitCar PPV because he thought that sitting in your car doing nothing was an unhealthy to waste valuable hours every day.  By making you pedal, he says you can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. Now, I like the idea of burning calories, but I think you'd look pretty stupid frantically pedaling your car down the Garden State Parkway.

The car can be driven in three modes: “Drive Fast” for highway speeds, “Drive Slow” for slow-moving traffic and “No Drive” for bumper-to-bumper traffic. He put the brake on the steering column so you stop with your hand.

All in all, this idea is right up there with the "pedestrian net." Or the dog bag that hangs off the side of the car.

Good luck though, guy.