Ever Wanna Bust Some Skulls At The DMV? Jersey City Lady Did

I mean, we get it.

January 9, 2020

Death...taxes...and a horrific experience at the DMV.  These are the real guarantees of life.  Shawna Joseph from Jersey City did something we've all thought of while standing on line, inhaling the air of the unwashed, and wondering if this "fucking line will ever MOVE!"

Tuesday afternoon, Shawna went to the DMV and got shockingly frustrated with the long line, so she left, came back, and attacked the employees!

"Yo, bitch!  Why don't you put down your bag of Fritos and start taking some customers!"

I don't know if that's what she actually said.  I'm going by past personal experience there, but it had to be something close to that.  

And, as Ms. Joseph was throwing haymakers, she destroyed $23,000 worth of computers and equipment in the process.  Oh, and for her encore, she attacked the cops when they tried to subdue her.


So what would make a sane person snap like that?  Not being sane.  Apparently she had a cigarette on her that was laced with PCP, sooooooo yeah.