Monster Energy the work of Satan? This lady makes a compelling case.

October 23, 2018

We live in a world of fake news and conspiracy theories, and it's really easy to write all of it off with a "that's/you're friggin' stupid" when you hear it.  But every now and then someone comes along with a pretty compelling argument about something that on the surface, seems crazy. 

Like this woman. 

She says Monster Energy Drink is the beverage of Satan, and her proof is right there on the can.  

Seriously.  And before you just write her off as "friggin' stupid," watch it!  Watch it and tell me she doesn't make some very astute observations.  Do I believe her?  Not necessarily.  But I don't NOT believe her, either.

Either way, I'll be drinking the thing that gives me wings from now on, just in case.