Dress As Your Biggest Fear, Win Ten Grand

How do you make an emotional abandonment costume?

October 25, 2019

Ok, so this is basically a way to get people talking about Natty Light, but hey...ten grand is ten grand. 

They're holding a contest for the best "real life fear" costume.  Spiders frighten you?  Easy.  Bats.  Witches.  Also easy.  Might have trouble finding yourself a fear of failure get up, though.  

Whatever, to win the cash, dress yourself up, and then post a pic on Insta or Twitter using the hashtags #NattyScaries and #Contest, and then I guess they'll pick the winner somehow.  That info is probably included in this article.

Wait...I just looked for you.  It says a winner will be chosen based on creativity, originality, and relevance.  Originality...ok, so maybe that easy-to-make ghost costume isn't the way to go for the dough.  

Also, I'm not sure what's happening here...

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