Nebraska raised the bar with their new, "It's Not For Everyone" campaign.

October 25, 2018

"The Garden State."  God, that's boring.  I get it, Jersey is pretty (once you're off the Turnpike)'s got beaches and hills and gardens.  But as a state slogan goes, I think we can do better. 

Nebraska recently got everyone thinking...and laughing...after they unveiled their new slogan.  "Nebraska:  Honestly, It's Not For Everyone." 

It should probably really say "anyone" instead of "everyone," but I digress. 

How great is that, though?  It's like, they know they suck, they know we know they suck, so they just decided to embrace their suckiness and are going to try to win us over with a little self-deprecating humor.  The Tourism Commission put it this way:  "Nebraska may not be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit, blahblahblah, chances are, you will like it here.”

I took some editorial liberties there.

Point is, though, we need to come up something a little more "Jersey," don't you think?  What could our new, honest state slogan look like?  And who's more honest than us?  We invented that s---.  How about...

"New Jersey: We Don't Like You Either."  

"New Jersey: You Dream It, We'll Tax It."  

"New Jersey: Gabagool. How Long Are We Supposed To Chew This?"

There we go.  That's the one.  

S--- is nasty, yo.