Doc Made A Ventilator Out Of A Garden Hose And A Lamp Timer

His name is Dr. MacGyver

April 8, 2020


What kind of crap you got laying around in your garage?  It could save a life.  

An anesthesiologist in Mississippi figured out a way to build a ventilator for less than a benny.  He used a garden hose, an electronic valve, and a lamp timer, and created what is now called the "Robertson Ventilator."

That's it.

What, no duct tape?  What about a paperclip?


His name is Dr. Charles Robertson, and he said it took him about 20 to 30 minutes, and nearly 100 could be made in one day by four- or five-person teams. 

Genius Doc said, "The brain behind the thing is actually a lamp timer.  It's not fancy but it works." 

As of Tuesday, his hospital staff had already made 170 Robertson ventilators.

Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed.