DC Comics 'Black Label' Is Going Full Frontal Showing Bruce Wayne's 'Little Batman'

September 24, 2018

Ahh, comic books. A tradition for kids going back ages. You see your kid reading one and you relax and think, "sure glad he's not lookin' at porn." Actually, have you looked at one lately? Pretty risque now, with the low cut tops on the ladies, muscles bulging out of everywhere on the men, Batman's penis hangin' out... 





Batman's newest comic has proven how mature it's going to be in just the first issue, with full-frontal Bruce Wayne nudity. It's part of DC comics new DC Black Label, an initiative to unite the best writers and artists - without limits, boundaries, or censorship. Well, they got the memo, because Batman's sidekick is fully exposed in the first issue "Batman: Dammed."

Steven Colbert even weighed in. (Skip to 1:23

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