Daylight Saving Time Explained: PLUS Some ALT Songs To Set Your Alarm To

March 4, 2019

By Jacqueline Runice with Cane + Christine

As we advance the clock forward an hour, we'll be rewarded with longer and longer days, increased sunshine and a more chipper outlook.

By the way, yes, it's "Daylight Saving Time." There's no "s." Tell your friends who also say "New Years" -- and don't forget to turn your clock back. Or set it ahead. Whatever.

Now, there are those who like to fill their mornings with upbeat, rhythmic tunes - sort of an aural jolt of caffeine - and others who prefer to ease into the day (Namaste, baby). Here's a smattering of each kind of sonic alarm clock that will get you ready for a new day.

“Cough Syrup” — Young the Giant

Ostensibly, we're done with OTC meds by the time spring hits. Young the Giant, a sunnier version of Kings of Leon, sings that "A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh" in the tune that oozes optimism.


"Flagpole Sitta" -- Harvey Danger


“High Hopes” — Panic at the Disco

Coming from Las Vegas, the band should know a thing or two about having high hopes. Frontman Brenden Urie sings "Didn't have a dime but I always had a vision; Always had high, high hopes: Didn't know how but I always had a feeling; I was gonna be that one in a million; Always had high, high hopes."  The song, from the group's sixth studio album called "Pray for the Wicked” (2018), was the band's highest-charting song on Billboard's Hot 100.


"Float On" -- Modest Mouse


“Colors” — Beck

Even if your commute involves a bus and grimy subway ride, Beck’s “Colors” transports you to a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. Energetic, liberating, punchy, sometimes goofy, and mostly just plain fun, “Colors” may be Beck’s poppiest effort, but you can’t deny its classic rock turns make it completely catchy and uplifting.


"Mr. Brightside" -- The Killers


“Song 2” — Blur

Upon the first, "Woo hoo" of Blur's “Song 2” you'll be jumping into your jeans ready to cause at least a smidge of commotion. Although it aimed to be a parody of grunge when it was released more than 20 years ago, the two-minute blowout of aural energy is timeless. Apparently, plenty of other performers think so, too. “Song 2” has been covered by bands from Vampire Weekend to Imagine Dragons.  


"Clint Eastwood" -- Gorillaz



There is a preponderance of Weezer tunes that can easily make you feel better if you're low and match your outlook if you're feeling great. "Glorious Day," "Smile," and the classic "Island in the Sun" from the Green album are acoustic anti-depressants. You also can't go wrong with "Wind in the Sail," which will take you to a boat in the Bahamas even if you're living the armpit of the Midwest.

Off the Blue album, you've got "Surf Wax America" and "My Name Is Jonas" to toss you out of bed -- and there's always Pinkerton's "Getchoo" and "The Good Life."

Yes, there are plenty more Weezer albums out there to pick from, but "Why Bother?"


REMINDER: Set your clock FORWARD one hour on SUNDAY, MARCH 10th @ 2AM