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Dave Grohl Talks with PBS About Dealing with Nirvana's Initial Success

"That’s a heavy trip for a kid to go through..."

September 24, 2018

Some artists don't like talking about the past, especially when that past involves a band they're no longer in. I've been told before plenty of interviews, "DON'T TALK ABOUT _____.  ______WILL LEAVE." I sure hope Dave Grohl never tires of talking about Nirvana, because I don't think the curiosity and the questions will ever go away.

He recently talked with PBS about what it was like to be a member of Nirvana while they were blowing up. How did he handle all the craziness at such a young age? He told them he would just go to his room.

“Being in Nirvana at such a young age, I was 21 or 22 years old when the band got popular. That’s a heavy trip for a kid to go through at that age. It was overwhelming at times. When it was overwhelming, I would just come back here to Virginia and go back to the bedroom that I grew up in. I had a way to weather all of that and survive it.”

(Skip to 45:37 for the segment about Dave)