Dan Reynolds Hits Dave Grohl-Level Cool With Lucky Kids

Definitely a Halloween treat

November 6, 2019

This is awesome.

So Dan Reyonlds is out trick-or-treating with his kids on Halloween in Vegas, when he comes upon a group of kids jamming in their driveway.  They recognize him, (swallowed hard) and asked him if he would jam with them!  They're called Streetfolkband, by the way.

Maybe Dan can help them with that.

Anyway, Dan says yes, asks them if they know any Imagine Dragons songs, and they start playing "Radioactive."

And Dan didn't just stay for a verse or two, he played the whole song with them!  The whole vid is pretty cool, but watch the lead guitarist's face light up after Dan belts out his first verse.  Then Dan turns down the guitarist's high-five, and hugs him instead. 

Quite a Halloween to remember for Streetfolkband.

It's growing on me.