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He's on a mission.

November 12, 2018

It's no secret that the Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds is a major supporter of the LGBTQ community.  He started LoveLoud, a foundation and music festival that has raised over $1 million for LGBTQ-related organizations this year, but why exactly is it so important to him?  Well, he says that growing up in the Mormon church inspired him.  He felt he had to do something about "the damage done to these (Mormon) families."  He says he's met with many parents who have lost kids to suicide.  "I have so much fire about it."

I was suprised about this fact...the Mormon Church doesn't actually prohibit same-sex attraction, BUT, church members can't act upon it.  

What's that now?

Yeah, they say you can feel gay and be Mormon, it's even acceptable to feel conflicted...even suicidal.  


Yeah, the damage Dan talks about is becoming clear.

While he doesn't think any of this will lead to change in the church, he said that he does have a responsibility to speak to the kids who listen to Imagine Dragons,  "and there are so many of them, all these families come to our shows, and to slowly just speak this truth of mine. And whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter, it’s my truth.”

Gotta stand up for what you believe in, man.  Oh, and also, Imagine Dragons new album "Origins" dropped on Friday.

our new album ORIGINS is out worldwide today aaaaaaaah buy it or stream it or whatever you do and thank you so much for all the kind words I love you all ❤️❤️❤️

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