'Curvers' Are a Real Thing and I Think I'm One of Them

September 7, 2018

Dating is hard and people are jerks. They stand you up, ghost you, get wasted and pee in the hamper in your closet, (too specific?) and now they curve you.  Yeah, it's a new thing, which is worse than being ghosted, really. Curving is where you actually keep responding to their texts or whatever, but you don't really say a whole lot. Just enough to keep 'em on the hook. Things like:

"Ooh...I didn't see this until just now." (ummmm...)

or, "Sorry, I was sleeping." (uh oh...)

or, "my phone was off."

Hot damn, I'm a curver! Are you? I bet you are. I'll try and do better.

I bet I won't, though.