When it's time, it's time.

November 7, 2018

Dude!  "What'd you do?" - Tommy boy

This won't be a long post, just thought you might wanna see what Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambira looks like now that he CUT HIS HAIR.  I mean, Coheed is ok and everything, and I like a couple songs, but most people, when they think of Coheed they think of that gigantic hair.  And he's had it for so long!

Well no more.  "The time for change has come," he said.

First, a refresher...

Let’s Dance!!! ----Check out our video for “Old Flames” @entertainmentweekly... Link In Bio.

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There he is.

And then this was the first "short hair" pic he posted...

The time for change has come. You inspired me Lawrence, KS. Now, let’s hit the beach! Surf’s Up! #change #hair #MOD

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..pretty sure that was a Bieber wig. 

But this isn't.

Went and got my shit tightened up. I look like a younger version of my grandfather.

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Damn, Claudio!  Gotta say, he looks waaaay better.  

And as long as we're talking about 'em, Coheed’s new album The Unheavenly Creatures dropped last month, and it features recent singles “Old Flames,” “The Gutter” and “The Dark Sentencer.”