City Beaches Closed? No Problem. Go Walktailing.

Make it a double, you'll burn it right off!

May 20, 2020


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Because saying "let's grab some drinks and go for a walk" isn't cutesy enough.

The New York Times reports that boozy multitaskers have been combining a leisurely pedestrian workout with happy hour by "walktailing" through their neighborhoods. One woman says she's done it for 40 straight days, as a "way of flipping off the coronavirus."

Ooh, yeah.  


Seems most cops in most cities are looking the other way when it comes to drinking in public, so why the hell not?  One Brooklyn restaurant is selling nearly three times as many cocktails per day on a strictly to-go basis than when they were allowed to serve customers at the bar. “Whenever we have a Saturday that lines up with a sunny day, it’s like a full-on Brooklyn block party out here," says the restaurant's manager.

Sounds fun.  Like, for real.  

Just don't get on top of one another or throw up on the street and ruin everything.  Oh man, can you imagine if someone threw up on your right now?  It's horrible enough, but right now?  Someone's goin' down.

Have a fun and SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!