Cage the Elephant

Cage Absolutely KILLED at NSSN

And a few other things...

December 6, 2019

Cage The Elephant.

That is all.


Well, not all, but holy SHIT were they good last night.  Insanity.  And after I introduced them as "The Sexiest Band On the Bill," they didn't disappoint.  Seriously, watch our Insta stories.  Singer Matt Shultz gave one of the audio techs a heart attack at the end, though.  After the band leaves the stage, Matt decides to do a stage dive and go surfing, but not before he launched his mic about 50 feet through the air back to the stage.  Dude ran up to try and catch it, but....


Had to be trash after that.  We have a clip of that in our stories.  I've got some random "behind the scenes" stuff on my TheCaneShow Insta as well.

Cage met with fans beforehad for some coffee and an intimate performance, too.

@cagetheelephant doing a little intimate sesh before #NSSN thanks to @highbrewcoffee

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Really though, every single band slayed, and I'm not just saying that because I have to.  I don't.  

Even the merch was amazing.

The merch has arrived and it’s GLORIOUS! #NSSN is tonight, sponsored in part by @sprint, @trojanman, @highbrewcoffee, @alticemobile, @hadestown, @americancancersociety, & @bhphoto/@canonusa.

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If you were there, THANK YOU so much.  These wouldn't even be a thing without you, so thank you for keeping us all employed.

Soooo glad I stayed sober for this one.