The only thing I celebrate on the subway is getting off. The subway.

November 13, 2018

The subway.  A place where you want to spend as little time as possible.  Ten minutes is too long, thirty is a lifetime.  We rush home because we can't wait to shower off the stench of the unclean.

Hotter.  The water needs to be hotter.

Boil me.

So I just can't imagine that this group of ladies thought this would be a good idea.  A birthday party on the subway!  And get this...the person the party was for flew in all the way from California!  She's all excited...big night in NYC celebrating another whip around the sun with a beautiful dinner at a fancy restaurant...until.  Your "friends" tell you that nobody remembered to make a dinner reservation.  Ouch.

"What?  But I flew in from..."

"No no!  Don't worry!  We have it figured out.  We're going somewhere totally better!"

"Yay!  Like where?  The park?  Rock Center to skate?  A kick ass club?"

"Nope!  Better.  The subway!"

(sound of the door slamming)

That would have been me, anyway.  But Amber Asaly embraced it.  They loaded up some bags with decorations, grabbed a meal of lobster, spaghetti and white wine (seriously) and headed to the J train.  They cut out paper letters, set up a table, and even had a pinata, and...had an unbelieveably kick-ass time! 

RESERVATIONS FELL THRU FAMILY CAME THRU. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. i love u all. @ovation.bysamanthaseyfert

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And check out the video.

Did you see the other people on the subway?  Some filming, but for the most part, nobody gave a shit.  New Yorkers, man.  They've seen it all.

Probably not that, though.