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Billie Joe Armstrong Sticks Up For A's Fan Doused With Beer By Yankees Fan

He did it on his Instagram account which seems to have gone missing at the moment...

October 5, 2018

First of all, Yankees fans are the best. Greatest in any sport, IMO.  However, they can get a little boisterous at times...loud, crass...ok fine. Sometimes they can be downright nasty. Like they were to this guy at the A's game the other night.

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day saw it too, and recognized the guy as a childhood friend of his and posted this on his Instagram, which right now doesn't seem to exist anymore:  

“I’ve known this kid since he was in middle school. His name is John and he was hit with a cup of beer by a moron at the A’s/Yankee game last night. He was there to root for his beloved Oakland Athletics. He’s also one of the most kick-ass drummers I’ve ever heard and he’s been a great influence to my sons as musicians. Let’s make him feel awesome and show him some love.”


But sorry, bro, or John. You don't wear the other teams gear into the Stadium without getting berated.  It's just the way it is.  You should know the rules by now.  John said, “I was being totally respectful, I knew I was in enemy territory, I was also sitting in the bleachers, which probably wasn’t the best idea." 

AAHHHH!  So you DID know the rules!  And yet...

See ya next year.

UPDATE: Everyone partied together and squashed the beef. Nothing to see here.