Artists Only Get TWELVE percent of $43 BILLION From Streaming?

Good Luck, Musicians...

August 8, 2018

This can't be right. I'm no mathematician, but someone must have their numbers screwy, right? I mean, how else to explain the complete theft of money from the one who earned it? Obviously these other people deserve a cut for helping the song reach the masses, but... TWELVE percent of $43 BILLION? 

Brett Scallions, lead singer of Fuel, posted this on Facebook (since removed):

"Still feeling good about your Spotify account? Enjoy the free good music while it lasts. Any talented musician is going to be smart enough to not choose music as a career. This is exactly what the industry has been trying to do since day 1."

Yeah...startin' to feel pretty guilty about never buying any music over here. Streaming is just so....easy.

Label: "Congratulations, kid!  We're gonna sign you to your first deal!"  

Kid:  "Sweet!  Where do I sign?"

Label: "Bend over."