Are You Giving Someone A "Hint" Gift This Year?

"Deodorant? Why? I don't get ....oh."

December 10, 2019

Apparently a lot of people plan on giving "hint" gifts this year.  Like the dude in the Peleton ad!  That whole thing was so dumb, but I digress...

For example, 36% of people surveyed are gonna give their smelly partner deodorant or perfume this year.


You're gonna give someone a stick of Secret for Christmas?  Man, you're an ass.  

31% plan on giving a cookbook, and then never eating again.

Other passive aggressive plans include:

Self-help book – 22%

Exercise equipment – 22%

Cleaning supplies – 21%

Alarm clock -- 20%

Toothbrush/toothpaste  -- 20%

Gym membership –18%

Breath mints – 18%

Razor – 17% 

What a bunch of wimps, man.  See something, say something!  

Merry Christmas.  And good luck.