(Joe Cingrana/Entercom)

Americans Will Spend $500 MILLION This Year On Costumes for Their PETS

October 18, 2018

Growing up, I don't remember Halloween being THAT big of a deal. For the kids, yeah. Loved getting pillowcases full of candy (except that one year my mom made me use a FLOWERED pillowcase...grrrrr...that's another story), but the adults certainly didn't think much of it. Tape a paper witch to the window, buy some candy, and hand it out. 

Fast-forward to 2018, and Halloween is a billion dollar business, with grown-ass adults losing sleep over whether to attend the party as croquembouche or avocado toast. (Gotta go with the toast unless you wanna spend the entire night repeating yourself.) 

But it's not just that... Americans are gonna spend $500 MILLION this year on costumes for their PETS!  The National Retail Federation started tracking pet costume sales back in 2010, when we spent a "mere" $220 million on the dogs... and I'm guessing it's mostly dogs, as it's the only animal that will sit still and let you humiliate it. 

Most popular costume? The pumpkin. Followed by the hot dog and bumble bee in second and third.

I'm dressing my cat as a plastic shopping bag this year. It's easy, cheap, and he likes wearing it.

Last year he went as a box.

He pooped in it.