Adorn Your Cubicle With A NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar!

(Actual driver not pictured. But kinda.)

November 19, 2019

How many times you get into a cab and think, "man....this driver is HOT."  Happens a lot, amirite? Well I got good news for you.  Well, good and bad.  The good is, there's a such thing as a "NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar."  

The bad news?  It's their last year doing this.  Apparently seven years is enough...they say they can't go anywhere else creatively.

They've also run out of willing drivers, I'm guessing...but get a load!


Totes adorbs. ain't gettin' any better than that, so I'll leave it there.

Wanna buy a calendar?  Only $14.99 RIGHT HERE.

Makes a great stuffer.  Er....STOCKING stuffer.