42-Y/O Zamboni Driver/Emergency Goalie Wins NHL Game

This Toronto fan was NOT happy.

February 24, 2020

This was the scene in the Carolina Hurricane's locker room after 42-year old zamboni driver David Ayers, the emergency goalie for both the 'Canes and Toronto Maple Leafs, entered the locker room after WINNING THE GAME.

An absolutely unbelievable story.  David is actually an employee of the Maple Leaf's AHL minor league team, but when both Hurricanes goalies went down before the second period was even over, in stepped Ayers.  

He beat the Leafs, 6-3.  

Did the Cane's defense stand on it's head in front of him to keep Toronto's shots on goal down?  Absolutely.  The Leafs only got 10 on him, but STILL.  Dude's 42.  And drives a zamboni.  Facts this hilariously outraged Maple Leafs fan Steve Dangle just can't reconcile.

Hey David, it's Hollywood on line one.