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3EB's "Never Let You Go" Gets A Surprising Cover

Hilary Duff is a huge fan.

February 11, 2020

Well this is random. 

Disney star Hilary Duff has covered Third Eye Blind's "Never Let You Go" because....she's a huge fan and felt like it. 

Pretty much. 

Now, Hil is no stranger to making music, as she's released a few albums and really, she's a pretty good singer.  She did the song with her husband, Long Island's Matthew Koma, who's a pretty successful musician in his own right.  He's written hits for other people, including Zedd's "Clarity," which I love, so he gets no crap from me.  His newest project is called Winnetka Bowling League.  How very Midwestern.  Makes me think of the show "The Middle."  Whatevs...

Here he is at one of his many backstage hangs with Stephan Jenkins:

When I’m with you, I feel like I could die And that would be alright @stephanjenkins

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No idea where Hilary was there.

First try was too good not to post. Oh and we saw third eye blind last night.

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Theeere she is.  Aww...cute.  Find yourself a girl that looks at you like that.

Am I rambling?  It feels like I'm rambling.

Anyway, the song officially comes out Wednesday, but here's a teaser clip...

To say that @matthewkoma and I are fans of 3EB is a massive understatement. These records actually play a huge part in our love story....Matt came home before Christmas and told me our good friend @rac wanted him to cover this and I weaseled my way right in there too --out 2/12

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And in case you now want to hear the original...