subway seats

2020's First Silly Internet Debate: Best Seat On The Subway?

It's green and white, duh. Wait...

January 3, 2020


Should not even be a question.  It's obviously 5, no?  #2 is out...middle seat.  Definitely not #4 all wedged in with no leg room.  #3 features two mouth breathers directly facing you with their legs all up on yours, but what about #1?  You're on the end...that's always good.  Except for when that person who's clueless about personal boundaries decides to sit on that railing, thus putting their ass in your breathing space.

So yeah, it's #5.  Easy on, easy off.  Plenty of legroom, lots of air.

Unless the train is packed, of course.

In that case, the correct answer is "get me the f*** off this thing."