Woodstock Co-Founder Reveals Headliners For Anniversary Fest

The Killers, Imagine Dragons, The Dead & Co. + more.

March 6, 2019

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The full line-up for one of this year's events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is now apparently imminent.  Following financial troubles and confusion surrounding a rival celebration, which has since been reduced from a full blown festival to a trio of shows, Woodstock 50 will blaze ahead with a robust line up topped by the likes of The Killers, Imagine Dragons, The Dead & Co., Chance The Rapper, and Santana (who is weirdly also playing the other aforementioned event, but he was there the first go around, so I guess he can do what he wants).  

The only (latest?) catch, it will not take place on the festival's icon original grounds in Bethel Woods, but instead go down at the Watkins Glen International Speedway.  Interestingly, as revealed in a recent interview with Billboard, festival organizer, Michael Lang shares that the event will maintain it's independence from concert promotion giants, AEG and Live Nation, though Bonnaroo / Outside Lands producers, Superfly will assist in the festivals overall execution.  Which is probably for the best considering what we all saw in those Fyre fest documentaries.

Lang anticipates a draw of near 100,000 attendees over the weekend, which they've marked down for August 16-18.  Alongside music, the festival will also boast on site camping, though there's no word on how they hope to house such a massive audience without also duplicating the original festival's legendary traffic jam.  In addition to the aforementioned artist list, the fest is expected to round out at about 80 performers overall, spanning genres and generations.

While there is no official on-sale nor line up release date, you can stay tuned for updates at Woodstock.com