This VR tour of MCA's Oscilloscope Labs is F-ckin Rad

I want to live here

August 3, 2018

(Photo by Rob Kim/Landov/MCT/Sipa USA)


One of the more fascinating things I've found about immensely creative people, is a look into the environments in which they create, inhabit, and exist day to day.  Not just the studio itself, but everything surrounding it, the bookshelves, the stickers on the fridge, the art litered around the halls.  Sentimentality is frowned upon in our culture, or maybe simply not afforded in our small apartment lifestyles, but what people end up holding onto says a lot about a person, as it does with Beastie Boys' MCA (RIP).  His film distribution company, Oscilloscope Labs teamed up w/ Red Bull to give a window into his workspace with The House That Yauch Built, an amazing and thorough interactive VR journey around his workspace.  It's a fitting and thoughtful tribute to a guy we lost way too early who did way more than most of us ever will. Check it out, here.