Video: The National's Matt Berninger Covers Big Thief

Indie dreams do come true

November 4, 2019

Marcelo Hernandez / Stringer


National frontman Matt Berninger may possess one of the most tortured and sullen voices in all of indie rock, but even he can't help but come off like an over excited jr. high kid covering their favorite song at the high school talent show when he takes on Big Thief's brilliant "Not" at a recent charity event.  After a false start the acclaimed vocalist launches into an empassioned rendition that comes off more as fan tribute than artistic channeling, which is all but fair if you've spent time with the track at all.  If nothing else it's genuinely fun to see a guy known for his sullen disposition get so purely into something without reservation.  Check out the performance for yourself, below, and revist the original after that.