Tom Delonge Revives Angels & Airwaves For First Tour In 7 Years

There's also new music.

May 1, 2019

Simone Joyner / Getty


Full time UFO hunter and part time paranormal media mogul, former Blink-182 frontman, Tom Delonge has revived his post-Blink outfit Angels & Airwaves for their first tour in 7 years.  Now slimmed down to a core trio-of members, the band will hit NYC's Playstation Theater on September 17th, and because we're just cool like that, you can enter to win a pair of tickets to catch the show, here

The news also comes backed with the first new music from Delonge since 2016's Chasing Shadows EP, which arrived after a highly public fallout with his Blink cohorts, that left in it's wake the first ever solo release from the guitarist, which he alleges to be a collection of songs he originally intended for the band's never to be next album.  Of course since his exit, Blink moved forward with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, and released the somewhat well recieved 'California' LP, with rumors of even more music from this incarnation set to arrive sometime before summer.

Delonge for his part is seemingly unfazed by this, as is apparent on new tune "Rebel Girl" which could not be sonically further from his So-Cal roots.  Describing the song in a press release, he shares, “’Rebel Girl’ is a space-age love song that combines my enduring obsession for New Wave, pop punk and anthemic rock and roll music”, and just incase you thought he'd lost his sense of humor he adds "I also recently took a brief minute to start up an aerospace company, so you never know – I may play this song from a satellite deep in space, beamed toward everyone’s house viciously on repeat.”

The track serves as our first taste of a new album and accompanying film project, which currently remains untitled but we're lead to believe is different from the paranormal mysteries television show he's developing entiteld Strange Times.  At the rate this guy pumps out odd projects, he's becoming worthy of an investigative deep dive himself.  Check out "Rebel Girl" for yourself, below.