Tennacious D Announced Record Store Day Jack White Collab

The "Jack Gray" collab we've all been waiting for

October 9, 2019

Mike Lawrie / Getty


Much to the internet's pleasure and after years of banter around the subject, Jack White and Jack Black have finally come together to collaborate on a project, thus fulfilling the life long dreams of bozos everywhere who care about this sort of thing. "Jack Gray" as it's been heralded in the past, will actually manifest itself as a Record Store Day single for Tenacious D, produced by White, due out on his own Third Man Records. According to a press release the release is the latest in Third Man's Blue Series and will exist as a 2 track 7-inch, with titles including "Don't Blow It" and "Kage".  It's tough to imagine White himself doesnt pop up somewhere on the track (hopefully in blistering guitar solo fashion), but for now we can only speculate.  See some behind the scenes footage ahead of the Novemeber 29th release date, below.